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It’s not all doom, gloom

Opinion Piece

Re: Enough trash-talk . . . October 25.

Wrong, wrong, wrong Bob. You should get your information from factual programmes like the one I saw on Discovery TV. I repeat that in Sweden they have an enormous furnace, around 150 metres high, that burns waste products at tremendous temperatures — where all waste is completely burned to nothing at all, with no emissions. Testing of the air comes back totally clean.

You said: “These furnaces spew into the environment acid gases, carcinogenic dioxin, particles of heavy metals, and nitrogen oxide. In the ashes are more toxic poisons and heavy metals to be disposed of somehow. Also, such methods discourage recycling and waste reduction.”

You are rubbishing one of the greatest discoveries to combat climate change, one that has startled and excited environmentalists in Europe.

You should be excited too, rather than assume I am wrong.

In time, we should have such a plant here in Gisborne.

It’s not all gloom and doom, as Clive Bibby replies to your greenie letters. Everything in moderation, Bob. Our smart race of human beings, with clever scientists, is making progress. This is being accomplished by hard-working people, earning high wages, and companies with lots of capital to invest. My wise father once said “Money isn’t everything, but it helps.”

Alain Jorion

Friend of Greenpeace and been to Mururoa Atoll, Pitcairn island and beyond . . .