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Store items out of reach . . .

Opinion Piece

I would just like to mention to one of the big supermarkets in town and another very popular business that, as a shorter person, I have a great deal of difficulty when the products I need are so high up on shelves.

One of the supermarkets is fine, but when I go to the other one I cannot reach some products. I have to resort to using a broom, or asking another customer to help me. I went to another popular business yesterday and there were no staff to assist me with trying to get a microwave off a shelf. I nearly injured my shoulder trying to do this and then had to ask a lovely non-staff member to help me. I have to say I am still sore from the ordeal. Thank you to a security staff member, though, for helping. I was informed that they are short of staff. This issue needs to be addressed, especially for older or shorter people.Senior Person