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Here’s some real progress

Opinion Piece

Re: Abrupt climate change is ready to launch, sad to say — Oct 23 comments.

So Bob, can you demonstrate to us all your master plan to save the world?

Here is something serious that is happening in northern Europe as well as Australia that we could do likewise, and really contribute to solving the dumping of waste, plastics and so on.

Our son is in Perth WA where he is helping to build a massive furnace that fires up to a couple of thousand degrees with self-generated power and energy which burns everything imaginable, including plastic, and because of the extreme temperature there are no emissions.

I saw on the Discovery channel that this type of furnace first existed in Sweden and has been a huge success for the world.

Our son in Perth is doing some great work over there, such as building an American submarine base and monitoring area. As for the building of the super furnace, he tells me if everything works out well, every other state of Australia will be setting one up as well.

So Bob, yes we have had climate change drummed into readers almost daily, so please offer other solutions as good as this real progress outlined above.

Alain Jorion, part-Greenie and former hunter gatherer for survival purposes only