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‘Discount’ now ineffective

Opinion Piece

Ever since Caltex stopped accepting the AA card for fuel rewards, our only option to redeem our petrol discounts is to go to one of the local BP stations. I think Gisborne motorists should know that BP charges much more than other local stations, so that even when you use your AA card to earn a 6 or 10 cents per litre discount, you are still paying more than if you went to any other station in town without a discount card.

Yesterday (October 22) all other stations in town were charging $2.08.9 per litre of 91, but BP was charging $2.22.09 per litre. A difference of 14 cents per litre.

On going in and asking why they charge so much more I was told head office sets the prices and they have no control over it. No wonder they don’t have a large sign out the front displaying their prices, they are probably hoping people will drive in and get their petrol thinking it is the same price as the others.

Stephen Phillips