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First step recognition

Opinion Piece

Re: Eyeing implications of a climate emergency declaration, October 18 letter.

The whole world is in climate emergency, and no doubt our new council will be declaring such shortly.

After a decade of having my climate alerts rubbished or played down, I am pleased that at last the majority accept we are in trouble.

The first step in solving a problem is to recognise that it does exist — a positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts.

I believe these old sayings to be true.

Peter Wooding gave a list, said “some of these things are already happening” and asked “Does it require the declaration of a State of Emergency to make local and central government take action?”

I say the State of Emergency will occur before long whether local or national government declares it or not. So why not declare it now?

Will the new team be brave enough to apply emergency measures? I do not know.

The question Mr Wooding did not ask is, will we be prepared to accept the necessary measures that must be imposed on us?

Although I was only ever in Boys’ Brigade, I loved the Boy Scouts motto: “Be Prepared”. Let’s heed that motto now.

Bob Hughes