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Some simple actions against climate change

Opinion Piece

Re: Small window now to act, October 16 comments.

Neil Walker asks “what concrete thing can you suggest” (to combat global warming)?

Neil, I refer you to Drawdown.org — which lists 100 concrete actions to combat and reverse global warming. Eighty of them are costed, with estimates of how much CO2 equivalent will be avoided, or drawn from the atmosphere, for each action.

Simple actions such as “eating less meat”, and eating less generally, if acted on by 50 percent of the world’s population, are estimated to avoid 26.7 gigatons of emissions by 2050.

Similarly, reducing food waste by 50 percent globally could avoid 26.2 gigatons of CO2.

We can all contribute to the above actions and be healthier for it. I also believe that if we all write to our MP regularly asking them to support and sponsor regulations limiting emissions, such as increasing vehicle efficiency, we can encourage those MPs to be active and speed up moves to decarbonise our world.

All the technologies to make the necessary changes have already been invented. Governments just need to be brave enough to use them. They will not do it unless they know that is what we want to happen.

Bill Hambidge