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Guillotine raised, ready

Opinion Piece

Re: Harbour comments just unreal, October 7 column.

Mr Miller’s letter addressing the future prospects for boaties in the harbour basin steals my thunder.

In my view, the Commissioner’s proclamation signals raising the guillotine on the Tatapouri Fishing Club as a long-term occupant of Gizzy harbour.

The TFC landlord’s offer to renew TFC lease signals to me just how long this iconic club has remaining as occupants, before the guillotine drops. Three years!

By her stance, Cr Seymour is absolved from culpability. I too am removed from liability for having association with this drastic outcome for TFC.

I said before, and I say again: An appeal against the Commissioner’s decision is the essential first step to recovering some lost ground.

As an objective observer, it seems to me that the greatest loss will be to the greatest number of TFC members: small boat owners — who need launching and parking facilities.

As the next Mayor, I cannot undo what has been done — lest an appeal succeeds, but I repeat my unequivocal undertaking: I will work with small boat owners to find an equitable outcome.

Maori rights are also under threat and their emissary has already been in touch with me.

Ross Meurant

Mayoral candidate