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Turning up from afar . . .

Opinion Piece

In a week when such a momentous move has been made to reconcile the results of turning up on another’s patch 250 years ago without the knowledge to effect a harmonious relationship, it is more than disappointing that one of our mayoral candidates — who has turned up from afar to “sort the place out” before moving on after one term only — has (October 4 letter) resorted to argumentum ad hominem; “attempting to refute an argument by attacking the claim-maker, rather than engaging in an argument or factual refutation of the claim”.

Instead, I prefer to give credence to the views expressed (October 5 letter) by one of our long-serving retiring councillors and former chair of the Audit and Finance Committee, Brian Wilson, regarding the financial soundness of the GDC’s 2018 10-year Long Term Plan — rather than accept the uninformed criticism emanating from a non-resident ratepayer who has publicly admitted that because he is “not in the tent yet”, even the inter-relationship of the GDC, the ECT and GHL is “new terrain” to him. A surprising revelation, given that such information is so readily available via the internet and should have, I would have thought, been basic pre-requisite knowledge for any mayoral candidate.

Another characteristic of our electorate of which resident ratepayers are not ashamed but in fact are fiercely proud, one that cannot be learnt by flying visits, is that Tairawhiti is different. This too, as even those who relocate to Gisborne will say, can only be understood when they have lived here for some years, if not a lifetime.

For that reason resident candidates committed to the long haul, particularly if they have already displayed competency in the mayoral and deputy mayoral role, already have my vote.