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Your progress, our pain

Opinion Piece

An open letter to the banks.

Collectively you advise you are doing away with cheques — where has the consultation with clients occurred?

As older clients, we see this as a disaster. You perceive this as progress!

What you have not recognised is that not all people have access to a computer or mobile phone, or can afford to purchase one, nor do they know how to use it if they have the technology. Some just don’t want this technology. Look at the disaster that has occurred from the last Census.

Many clubs and organisations rely on cheques to pay their bills and many of the office holders of these organisations are older. Younger people tend not to volunteer for positions on committees. Thus many of the office holders fall into the category of not being computer literate.

As I (and others) see it, I will continue paying organisational invoices with a cheque, and if you do not like it — tough.

If I receive an extra charge for non-payment of a bill it is on your head and not mine. In fact, I could sue you.


Bank User