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Let’s be reasonable

Opinion Piece

Re: Strike 4 Climate Change.

Demand No.4 is for all governments to end the use of fossil fuel. As there is no alternative fuel available in the foreseeable future, this means they are demanding that governments create a world with no aeroplanes and only sailing ships. Is this being realistic?

By all means, do all we can to reduce global warming. Open and electrify all our existing railway lines. Our government could assist in all cars in New Zealand becoming electric vehicles as quickly as possible. Also, by drilling more wells to produce our own oil, and building another oil refinery in New Plymouth, we could become self-sufficient in oil products — which would do away with hundreds of tankers carrying crude oil halfway round the world to bring it here.

We have hydro dams that have been in use for 100 years and look good to last another 100 years, so the footprint is very small. Now, if we were to build more dams on the same rivers, we could reuse the water to produce a lot more energy.

With New Zealand’s high rainfall on the West Coast falling at high altitude, New Zealand should have an abundance of cheap electricity — and attract factories for all the South Pacific.

So please, let us be reasonable and practical in our demands.

Graham Gibson