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Can’t buy into negativity

Opinion Piece

Standing for council is turning out to be the most bewildering thing I have ever done. As I answer questions alongside people who I am excited about voting for, I long to say — actually, I think restoring rail will do a lot more for Napier than it will for Gisborne, and actually I think ECT is a local treasure, and actually I think our council are trying hard to fix our wastewater, and actually I think rates have been kept pretty reasonable considering we are a small population in a large geographic area, and actually I think the Mayor and councillors have done a pretty good job over recent years, and absolutely I think Gisborne is a great place.

I’d like to help improve things even more, but I just can’t buy into this narrative that everyone and everything is terrible. We are facing a time of high levels of mental health issues and people in our community are taking their own lives — let’s stop focusing on the negative narratives and build a future based on what has been done alongside what more can be done.