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Not a private domain

Opinion Piece

I write in response to the letter in yesterday’s Herald, “Rocks do a wonderful job”.

On the suggestion of the GDC water conservation team I designed a small retaining wall less than one metre high made from used tyres that were already on the bank of a minor tributary of the Uawa River north of Tolaga Bay. Ms Girling-Butcher was consulted by GDC staff and the retaining wall was duly given a resource consent.

The rest of Ms Girling-Butcher’s comments about this issue are her “alternative facts”, which are completely irrelevant to the current issue at Wainui Beach. She implies that I am “anti-rock”, but she must be unaware that when employed by GDC I designed the sloping rock revetment south of the concrete groyne at Wainui Beach. My contention is that rock protection works may or may not be suitable on different sections of the Wainui Beach foredune, depending on the geomorphology and economic factors.

Let’s hope that everybody can continue to have their say on the future of this beach. It is just not the private domain of Ms Girling-Butcher and the beachfront property owners to do as they see fit.