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More old colonial ‘ginks’?

Opinion Piece

Gee Tracey, your angst over Poverty Bay certainly resonates with me. When I was growing up in Timaru we lived on the corner of Brunswick and Church Street.

As everyone knows Brunswick is the historical English name for the German city of Braunsweig. With two World Wars, which had involved some of my “rellies”, in my childish memory, this did not please me. While I was sent off to Chalmers Presbyterian Church every Sunday — somewhat unproductively, as it would turn out — my Dad was the atheist’s atheist, so Church St was a “burr under his saddle”.

My school was on Grey Road, just after Arthur Street — more old colonial “ginks” from the past? It’s a hard life really, if you make it so!

Timaru started off as Rhodestown, I believe, so it’s not all bad.

Ron Taylor