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Enough of antiquated ideas

Opinion Piece

Re: Who do we serve? September 7 column.

The writer continues with his narrative of “divide and rule” by appealing to those citizens standing in the October local body elections to take cognisance of his xenophobic, racist views.

How is it that his candidacy is able to gain maximum coverage by The Herald whilst other nominees have limited exposure?

If his commentary is intended to be a character guide for the type of person we can expect to serve our community, then a return to the hard line era of Muldoonism is what he is proposing. No thanks!

In his policy of divide and rule he is fond of quoting the “best interests of the majority” versus “a vocal influential minority” — ignoring the fact that the district’s population base is around 50-50 Pakeha to Maori.

Similarly, how impervious or ignorant is he to the fact that both nationally and locally public opinion has shifted on a wide range of issues and people now are more than ready to accept new ideas and beneficial change.

In my opinion I am confident that the antiquated ideas he is espousing will not resonate with the community nor with those candidates offering themselves for public service. Bringing our community together and respecting difference lies at the heart of these elections. We can do it — yes we can!

Wally Te Ua