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No wild promises, just straight-up discussion

Opinion Piece

I’m running for a seat on Gisborne District Council as well as Tairawhiti District Health Board.

Straight up, I can’t cure cancer, and in the interests of full disclosure to the public, I’m pretty sure I can’t halt climate change on my own, either.

But I decided to stand up for these roles because I know I am a capable person who will work hard for this community.

I understand the council to be a group of committed citizens who discuss, debate, research and consider opinions, expert and otherwise, and try to reach an agreement on the best path forward.

I hope most of us have got past that silly political thing of making wild promises to be elected.

For me, the council is about the sharing of knowledge, ideas and solutions and doing what is best for the people, the community and the environment.

Rachel Lodewyk