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Local charity deserves better media coverage

Opinion Piece

Re: ‘Horror at the haven’, September 4 story.

Shame on you, The Gisborne Herald, with your sensationalist tabloid headlining about our local SPCA centre.

I spent time at the shelter with my children and adopted a puppy from there in January this year, the fourth Gisborne SPCA rescue dog we have had.

We had numerous visits to the centre over this period and I can say that I never saw anything to verify the claims of your article.

Furthermore, even if some of the concerns mentioned are valid, I fail to see the purpose in vilifying on the front page a local charity organisation that does such important work.

The people involved in the running of the centre as well as the many volunteers that support them deserve better from our local newspaper.

I am disappointed to say the least. You are better than that — or should be.

Vicki Briant

It was disappointing to see the Murdoch-style tabloid headline above the September 4 article about the Gisborne SPCA centre, and it is strange this article has been run now, more than eight months later, when the centre is very well run and has a good number of enthusiastic volunteers.

Our visits to the SPCA during the last Christmas period to view puppies were pleasant occasions and we saw how under-pressure everyone was with all the kittens being brought in by the inspectors.

It is a pity that not all cat owners get them spayed and that there are so many mistreated in Gisborne.

It is sad for the present volunteers and staff who are doing such a wonderful job to have to endure such unnecessary negativity.

Averill Walker