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Rail proponents in the clouds

Opinion Piece

Re: Bold vision required, August 30 letter.

It is no good being disappointed with my comments. Having a vision, in this case, is having your head in the clouds.

I wrote it would take about seven years to open the line. Now let’s add on your idea, re-route the line if necessary, there goes another year at least. Plus you won’t find any stable ground. That is why there is trouble with the road. The engineers can’t get a stable base.

So, Robert, as I said, get a busload. October will be fine. Walk from Blacks Beach rail bridge to Waikokopu wharf. You may change your thinking. You may change your vision.

I don’t know if you know millions are being spent on crash rails from Gisborne to Napier. Shouldn’t that be used on road maintenance first?

My opinion is pour money into the road, you can’t do both rail and road.

As you say, you would think our engineers would be able to plan and have something stable built in this age.

I have always wondered why the Gisborne Rail Action Group didn’t get the line opened with a turntable up at Beach Loop for the steam engine to run. Looks like that is lost to railbikes.

Opening the line would be great. I have still got memories of travelling the line from the sixties. I still have memories of the railcar and freight trains going past our gate, and I didn’t mind being woken at night.

Merv Goodley

I have been a rail supporter since the original washout and couldn’t understand why the original BERL report was disregarded.

Of all the letters against the reinstatement, Merv Goodley’s are the only ones which seem to be supported by rational analysis instead of incorrect assumptions.

I am hoping he is wrong and the latest BERL report will settle once and for all the benefits — economic, social and environmental — of reinstating rail.

I also hope it will not be swept under the carpet as the last one was.

DJ Arthur