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Costly contraception

Opinion Piece

As I am a mere man, I have no right to give an opinion on this subject, according to Alida van der Velde.

So I will just mention that if the unmarried girls in our close-knit family of 32 had had abortions on getting pregnant, we would be nine members short.

Five great-grandchildren, two granddaughters and one husband plus another member would all be missing.

May I mention that the five mothers concerned are happy, loving mothers with no sign of mental distress that doctors use as a dubious reason to make abortions legal.

Frequently it has been proven it is the abortion that causes the depression.

As Alida says, it is every woman’s right, let them go to a private hospital and pay for it themselves and not be a burden on the taxpayer, as this seems an expensive form of contraception.

Graham Gibson