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Recycling soft plastics

Opinion Piece

Is there a place to recycle soft plastics in Gisborne?

Much of our large family’s rubbish for the weekly kerbside collection is non-recyclable soft plastics from food packaging.

We try to minimise the rubbish we create each week by composting, recycling and buying plastics 1 and 2 where possible, but we are still left with large amounts of soft plastics each week.


Footnote response from Gisborne District Council:

Unfortunately not.

Some selected stores in Auckland offer a soft plastic recycling scheme. However, it has never been available in Gisborne.

Tairawhiti Environment Centre (TEC) does offer free recycling drop-off through Terracycle for Dolce Gusto coffee pods and Colgate and Glad products.

TEC also offers a recycling drop-off point for household batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and mobile phones.