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Stopping use healthiest

Opinion Piece

Last Saturday’s Weekender featured an opinion piece by Stephen Blyth titled Best option to protect public health, in which he writes in favour of legalising cannabis and thinks this a good idea.

A few years ago I read during one month of two events, the first a coroner’s report of 11 people dying in a balloon crash in the Wairarapa in January 2012, and the coroner’s report of the death of a fishing boat captain off Greymouth in April 2013.

Both coroners reported the balloon pilot and fishing boat Captain had cannabis in their blood.

I find it very strange that Stephen Blyth can write an article about cannabis and public health, as the balloon passengers are not living healthy lives now and the crew of the fishing boat were very lucky to be alive and not suffer the same fate as the captain.

The healthiest thing I could think of as far as cannabis is concerned would be for every addict to stop using it today. The former addicts would live healthier lives with less worry of the mental health problems Stephen Blyth writes about, and balloon travel and fishing boat employment would be safer and therefore healthier.

Tony Dobson