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Imagination costs nothing

Opinion Piece

An old saying is, “man does not live by bread alone”. However, I am of the firm opinion that spending inordinate amounts of money, be it government, local body, or mine, on recreating a cone of vision to Te Kuri a Paoa/Young Nicks Head or opening up the reef where voyaging waka and later Lieutenant Cook RN are supposed to have landed, is unnecessary.

The port is a working area and hopefully produces employment and revenue. It also is vital infrastructure to allow this district to send its products to market and a very important link in the district’s financial well being. I would imagine that working space is at a premium. Even a cursory read of the news would suggest that all is not well in all sorts of areas, both locally and nationwide. Maybe money would be better directed to these areas?

Years ago, I went to a spot at the Tower of London where supposedly Anne Boleyn was beheaded. I was impressed by this, if not a little cynical. However, when push came to shove, it was just a square of grass and the fundamental dimension of time was long gone.

I am a supporter of the stories of both cultures being told, surrounding Cook’s arrival and before that event, but I wonder if we are going over the top a little? Imagination, after all, costs nothing.

Ron Taylor