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The last militant unions left

Opinion Piece

A big thank you to Alwyn Poole for his enlightening column of May 30 — he has given a straight answer to a question probably in many people’s minds. According to him the teachers that were on strike this Wednesday gave up approximately $305 each for that pleasure. So by my calculations the average teacher goes home with roughly $1500 a week.

Those poor, underpaid teachers! No wonder they downed tools. How can they survive on that pittance?

At least Mr Poole seems to have some common sense in regards to the running of schools he is involved with.

A teacher’s remuneration should be performance-based, not a blanket pay no matter how good or bad they are. The teacher unions are really the last militant unions left, and their line is it’s “always for the children”. I doubt the veracity of that statement.

A. Abbott