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Huge scandal set to break

Opinion Piece

First of all, a word or two about the nomenclature employed in referring to the efforts by the Deep State, the Establishment and the Democratic Party in America to undermine Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign and then, once he had become President, to unseat him.

They are often called “the Russia hoax” by the more conservative elements of the media. The word “hoax” conjures up images of a schoolboy pretending to have a fit whilst the alarmed teacher frantically sends for an ambulance. No, we are talking about far more serious matters here, which, in a banana republic would be undertaken by a disgruntled section of the armed forces and involve the President being bundled out of his palace, put up against a wall and shot. The appropriate word, I think, is “coup”.

President Trump has let the dogs out. His May 23 memorandum gives the Attorney General, William Barr, full authority to “declassify, downgrade or direct the declassification or downgrading of information or intelligence that relates to the Attorney General’s review”.

That put the various “fake news” outlets in a position whereby they were forced to object to Barr’s all but inevitable declassification of documents relating to the Russia investigation, even as they accused him of participating in a “cover up”. This took some fancy editorial footwork.

Hilariously, and not without some irony, Adam “Shifty” Schiff, Democrat chairman of the House Intel Committee (would you believe) suggested that the President’s order might introduce an unsavoury element of politics into the way intelligence is used inside the Beltway (Washington)!

As I predicted over a year ago, a political scandal that will make Watergate look like an episode of Tom and Jerry is about to break over Washington. Some very senior people, formerly in the CIA, the FBI and even the Justice Department, will be frantically lawyering up, not to mention Hillary Clinton.

Patrick Cooper