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My vote and best wishes

Opinion Piece

I would like to congratulate Alice Kibble on standing for council. She is an extraordinary young woman with a great love for this community and its people.

From an early age she volunteered for organisations, doing anything she could to make a difference in lives and the environment.

I have been privileged to work with her and have experienced her very special insight and intelligence when dealing with people and their issues.

With her background in Youth Council and her various organisations through school and community, both locally and nationally, Alice has proved herself worthy of a place in local government — using her voice and skills to bring a youth perspective to the years ahead.

She has abundant energy, a vision for the future of our community and a belief in herself as a part of that future.She represents those young people who are nurtured with a strong sense of community and will inherit what is laid down now for the future.

I believe Alice should have the chance to bring that perspective to the table, to share in decisions that will affect their and their children’s lives for many years to come.

Good luck Alice, you have my vote and my best wishes.

Nona Aston