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Seeing red . . .

Opinion Piece

The red devils (cows) that are supposed to be grazing on Kiwinui Station have found themselves a new home in private paddocks on Whakaangiangi Road. They are finding holes in the fences and continue to roam on to Highway 35 at the Whakaangiangi turn-off and up Whakaangiangi Road — on a daily basis.

When is the council going to do something about this? They know who the culprit is.

Philly “Straight Outta Te Araroa”

Footnote response from Ross Hannam, GDC animal control team leader:

If the cattle are getting out on to roads, it is important members of the public contact us immediately so our officers can attend while they are still out. If we can, we will impound the stock and the cost of this will fall on the owner.

In situations where stock goes on to private property, this is a matter between the neighbours to resolve.