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Other shooting incidents

Opinion Piece

Regarding the Kaiti shooting incident, I am frustrated. We have had two shootings in rural Patutahi — one in 2016 when a couple in a moving car were shot at, a pellet smashed through a window lodging into a seat; and one two months ago when an eight-year-old boy was shot with an air rifle. He needed surgery to remove a pellet from his arm.

Both incidents were in the same area and the car occupants saw a man running into a property. Two shootings, same area, no gun found. Both times police did not cordon off the area, nor contact neighbours, and still no arrest.

Police said: “There had not been a shooting incident like this in Gisborne for a long time”, which is wrong.

I wish the police were as quick to catch this shooter as they were the alleged drive-by shooter in Kaiti. I am scared for our children. Our close rural community wants answers. This isn’t good enough Gisborne Police. I am a worried mother.

Kim Tupara