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On Uber riding into town . . .

Opinion Piece

Re: Uber anyone? May 6.

Kevin, was there an event in Gisborne which meant all taxis were busy, or just a lack of taxis on the road? I wonder whether Uber is not available in Gisborne because there just isn’t enough work to support more cars/drivers.

W. Gerrard, the taxi industry in Australia is so unhappy with Uber that they are suing them.

Their argument is that Uber moved into Australia and traded illegally without any of the transport licences required by the existing taxi industry, and that they threw money around until state governments capitulated and changed transport laws in their favour.

Prior to Uber, taxi licences cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Recently state governments offered payouts to licence owners worth about a tenth of the cost of their licences.

The outcome will be interesting.

M. Jones, Gold Coast