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Reinstate rural road men

Opinion Piece

Hello Gisborne Herald and Mayor of Gisborne,

On the same day our rates notice arrived in the post, the headline of The Herald got my full attention: “Tairawhiti Roads ditched”.

Well done GDC on this decision. We only hope that it leads to better outcomes for our region’s roads. We also hope the millions in savings from this joint venture over the past five years will be returned to the province.

Reinstating our rural road men, which gave immediate service and accountability, would be a much appreciated second step.

Nick Barclay

Footnote response from Mayor Meng Foon: Thank you Nick for your comments and observation. Safe road access is key to the well-being of our community. Casey and Lisa made a valuable submission to the council. We are going through a restructuring process and I hope the council will reinstate the road man. Soon.