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Crowd Makaraka, or develop outer areas?

Opinion Piece

Re the proposed A&P housing development, they need to take it to the wider community.

Gisborne city is already overloaded — with GDC stating: “We will not be signing off and allowing houses to connect to water mains due to the mains being overloaded as is.” GDC has also said to locals surrounding the A&P Showgrounds that they cannot connect to the town sewerage system for 10-15 years. At this stage sewerage is not on their plans out Makaraka way for a long time to come.

My question is, if GDC has already said it will not allow locals to connect to water mains and sewerage, how can it have a development to house 300 connect to these amenities?

Outer areas like Patutahi and TK would be a perfect space for a development.

If we want to build our community we need to go wider, not on top of. A development to house 300 should have the potential to grow. The Showgrounds will be limited to expand to the desirable 2000-plus.

Why not grow small business while you are at it. If this goes ahead at the Showgrounds, small business will not develop; it will only overcrowd the already existing businesses.

If this development is taken out of the city centre to surrounding small towns, it will provide numerous wider opportunities for small business to develop outside of the city centre — not to mention job opportunities for locals outside of town.

If you want to grow a community, don’t just grow the population and the problems, grow the opportunities.

Sam Gray