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No backing for boaties?

Opinion Piece

It has to be said our GDC and standing councillors have forgotten or side-stepped their complete balls-up around the town’s boat ramp.

This ramp was built for boaties. The Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing club shifted from Tatapouri to town, self-funding a new headquarters at Shed 3. Membership of a few patrons that camped in the paddocks changed to over 5000 members today and rising. It is a great social gathering place.

But the GDC has changed all that. Free parking for businesses and town walkers has taken over. New parking spaces are all too small for trucks and cars with trailers. What a mess.

We read in The Gisborne Herald about the councillors standing again in the October election, and what they wish to concentrate on — but nothing about the ramp.

Councillor Shannon Dowsing’s mother is a key fisher of the club. When Shannon first stood to be a councillor he promised us at the club he would sort out the parking and ramp issues.

Nothing happened.

Recently I was staggered to see “Mind Lab” attendees parking right across the mouth of the ramp slipway, so launching a boat would be impossible. What sort of abuse is that, considering the rescue boat could be called out?

Many letters have been written complaining. Legal action against Gisborne District Council has been considered — a drone was to take photos showing parking abuse, as evidence.

What about the Kaiti Yacht Club parking and launching area? At least 200 trailors with cars could be given access there. All we need is a concrete ramp over the sand and a tie-up jetty for the crew to get into the boats and yachts. Clearing the dog leg into the ocean is simple to do. Later, a reclaimed area for more log storage and parking, incorporating an outer barrier to make it an all-weather protected launching area.

Eastland Community Trust could help.

Surely this is not too much to ask. After all, the GDC destroyed our fine, exclusive ramp area in the first place.

Alain Jorion