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Getting away with it?

Opinion Piece

Re: $4m flood insurance bill, January 8 story.

If a farmer’s cow gets on to the road and someone in a car hits it, the owner is responsible to cover all costs for the damage.

If a truck driver fails to secure their load and it comes off and causes damage, they are also responsible to pay for all the damage and could lose their licence to drive.

However, if a farmer allows someone on to their land and they damage a pipeline and it causes millions of dollars worth of damage, they’re not responsible to pay for the damage.

In addition, if forestry owners allow someone on to their land to cut trees and they leave a mess which causes a lot of damage it seems they are also not responsible to pay the costs of all the damage caused.

Seems to me there is something wrong here when individuals can be held to account, but big business seems to get away with their negligence and the harm caused.

Mary-Ann de Kort