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Up-to-date GDC data needed

Opinion Piece

A lack of information has been found as Gisborne District Council works to prepare its liveable communities asset management plan for its multi million portfolio of land and properties.

The finance and audit committee was told at its latest meeting poor data/information on the condition of assets and incomplete asset valuation are the two main risks identified for the plan. While a significant amount of work has been done on parks, the GDC needs to improve the condition knowledge of its building asset, the committee heard. The GDC manages 941 hectares of land and 189 buildings within the liveable communities hub.

Of this, 22 sites have 55 buildings on them that are leased or licenced. These typically have direct provisions within the lease or licence agreement regarding asset management. A large number are owned by the tenant.

Public conveniences make up about 55 percent of the total number of the buildings not leased or licenced. On the brighter side all the major buildings that have been identified with condition issues have been or are being renovated and rebuilt. That includes the War Memorial Theatre, HB Williams Memorial Library where work is completed, the Lawson Field Theatre where renovation is currently in progress, and the Olympic Pool complex where options to rebuild or renovate are being considered and which is included in the long term plan.

Most parks have been rated according to an infrastructure manual that grades them from one (best condition) to five (worst).

A prioritised asset renewal programme has been identified in the asset management improvement programme and any asset that scores five will be prioritised. But the building assets, for which there is incomplete information have been identified as a high priority action and a budget is available. Work is scheduled over the three years from 2018/19 to 2020/2021 to assess the remaining buildings which is the majority of the 139 assets excluding leased or licenced ones. The failure of poor condition assets is highlighted as a medium to high priority risk in the council’s risk policy but up to date information and data is needed.