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This place is Gisborne

Opinion Piece

Meng Foon and councillors — will you please stop this headlong rush to obliterate any signs of, or reference to, Pakeha from this region!

Paying for altered road signs means you are using our rates money for things we did not elect you to do. Stop trying to change history — this place is called Gisborne.

The “disappearance” of our Endeavour replicas is proof that someone is driving this obliteration of our history. If the Endeavour replicas were wrecked while being stored by the council, the council insurance should pay for their replacement. Why were photos of the damaged replicas initially not allowed? If they were vandalised, it should be a police matter.

Stop concentrating on changing names left, right and centre and start concentrating on things we elected you to do, like fixing the surface of Gladstone Road.

Stop spending money on “nice to haves”, concentrate on urgent necessities like a workable sewage system and an adequate water storage/supply.