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‘No confidence’ vote?

Opinion Piece

I hope all councillors in favour of the “name change” read The Gisborne Herald on Saturday. Your 13-1 vote for change absolutely staggered me and, I would suggest, half of our population at least.

The webpoll showed 71 percent against officially recognising Tairawhiti as a name for the district and only a meagre 27 percent for.

Perhaps it’s time our council recognised what the people want, not what our Mayor desires. Councillors are voted in to “hopefully” follow the wishes of the electors, not the hierarchy. All I can say to those occupying chairs in the chambers of the “ethnically designed” council building is, “change our names at your peril”. I would suggest (with one exception) that you hold on to your day jobs.

Perhaps avenues required for a “vote of no confidence” need to be quickly examined.

Pam Kay, Mary Parker, Karen Jackson, L Francis and Doreen, thanks for having the courage to put pen to paper and, also, being brave enough to sign your names rather than hide behind a nom de plume. Kevin Kennedy; I, like you was proud to represent Poverty Bay in my chosen sport.

Can we count on others to write showing their support to this increasing “groundswell”?

If the New Zealand Geographic Board gives in to the advances of Gisborne District Council and sanctions the change of name for our bay, what will they do when Maori approach them saying they want a change to the original Maori name for Hawke’s Bay, Bay of Plenty etc etc etc?

If they give in to one, they are setting themselves up for a barrage of claims.

How on earth can 13-14 percent of New Zealand’s population receive, literally, everything they ask for?

Eamon, re your letter of March 7. Thank you so much for your succinct description of the problem we are faced with.

I enjoyed the description “cultural thievery”. How right you are!