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What a cheek, GDC . . .

Opinion Piece

I WAS born in Gisborne and now reside in Auckland. Visiting my parents recently, I was shocked to see that the sign depicting arrival in Gisborne had been removed. In its place was a huge sign saying Turanganui a Kiwa (what a lot to remember, let alone a GPS co-ordinate).

In discussing this with family and friends in Gisborne, no one knows who authorised the sign change. I now learn the council is applying to change the bay’s name to Turanganui a Kiwa/Poverty Bay. The original sign coming into Gisborne said Gisborne, not Poverty Bay. Why has this sign been changed?

From what is being said to me, the council may find itself extinct at the next election.

What happened to: Sunny Gisborne, Golden Gisborne? Now a name I can barely spell. No one can tell me how long Kiwa was actually in the area.

After enjoying Gisborne’s hospitality, sunshine and my family, maybe we could change the name to Jacksonville? I will apply for the Mayor’s role in the next election, standing on a platform to keep the name of Gisborne.

Karen Jackson

WHO gave the permission to remove “Gisborne” from the sign at the northern entranceway to our city and replace it with “Turanganui a Kiwa”? Was it GDC? If so, how dictatorial is our council going to become?

It seems as if the only people being heard in consultation are Maori. Certainly they have a right to their opinions, ideas and culture, but so do non-Maori.

Believe me, I have absolute respect for Maori culture. There just seems to be no “balance”. I am simply trying to understand why the Mayor and council continue on the singular, race-based direction they have taken.

I have just posted a letter to the NZ Geographic Board, writing in opposition to our council’s application for a dual name of Turanganui a Kiwa/Poverty Bay.

It is a shame a lot more people who are opposed to this name change are not standing up to be counted. Why don’t more of you put a pen to paper?

A certain MP has also been encouraged to help us in this quest. Her view sounded very promising.

Mike Mulrooney

THE dual entranceway signs have been in place for over five years now. It was an initiative to welcome visitors to the city in both languages.

Dave Hadfield,Tairawhiti Roads general manager

I WAS shocked when I read councillors voted 13-1 to change the name Poverty Bay to include another name.

There is something sadly wrong when so many of us did not know about this proposal, to have our say. This is our history.

Also, coming into the city on Back Ormond Road we have a name on one side and Gisborne on the other. Liberties have been taken behind our backs. How confusing for visitors.

Let’s get rid of the councillors and the Mayor. Familiarity breeds contempt. A vote of no confidence should be given to our council and a referendum should be held. We pay our rates and should have a say in what happens in our community.

Mary Parker