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Willing to fight pokies?

Opinion Piece

Re: Pokie disaster warning, Giborne Herald, July 25.

$4.8 million out of our community in six months, $300,000 more than last year. The question is, can we as a community sustain the economic and human deprivation pokie machines are causing in our region?

We don’t close our eyes to the problems of alcohol and drugs, but we forget that those machines with their supposed promise of quick riches are sucking the life, slowly and surely, from the lives of many of our most vulnerable people.

We say, “But we need this money to keep our community organisations going, what would we do without it?”

Sadly there is truth in this, but we cannot forget that every time we give someone a lift up the ladder or make a difference in someone’s life through gambling trust money, many times it came from a life ground down by debt and devastation.

Local and central government need the will of the people to look seriously at issues and alter laws. Is this an issue our community is willing to fight for?

Nona Aston