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Also sick of negativity

Opinion Piece

Re: Over the Doom and Gloom rants, January 8 column.

Climate fluctuations are certainly happening but that comes and goes over the centuries. The British Chronicles, by David Hughes, records that in the 16th century heat waves and no rain were so extreme that people could walk across the river Seine, Danube and the Rhine in Europe. Up to 700,000 people died from the incredible heat in one year.

Our Doom and Gloom ranters in little New Zealand are making us all depressed with nothing good to ever say about us.

So many young people mean well but sadly seem to be being brainwashed by mass hysteria.

Farmers are our mainstay and are doing a lot to balance our emissions by planting trees, especially natives. These are fenced off, with birdlife flourishing and gathering water. The article by Fonterra in our Gisborne Herald explains how we are producing the best milk and food in the world.

These Doom and Gloomers need to enjoy life and not run New Zealand down. We are far from the world's big polluters and to say “per capita” we are bad is wrong.

Let's enjoy this place as we contribute very little in the way of emissions.

We read about the tsunami caused by an 8.9 earthquake that “will happen, but we don't know when”. This is pathetic to read about day after day.

It's all like a broken record and many of the local folk have had enough.

I back Murray Ferris because this fine man is a great achiever. He is important for Tairawhiti and his comments are valid, refreshing and inspiring.

Cut the crap about Gloom and Doom. Whether their biased views on the future will come true or not, we are absolutely sick of the negative, twisted minds of those who don't enjoy life, moaning and groaning.

Enjoy paradise, because if you have travelled the world extensively you will see that Tairawhiti is truly paradise.

Life is short. Enjoy it while we can.