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Facts on original installation of city’s Endeavour models

Opinion Piece

The Endeavour models were one of several projects proposed for the Cook Bicentary celebrations in 1969 by the committee formed for this purpose, comprising Bruce Glengarry, Jock Corson, Colin Pilbrow and myself.

One of the tasks delegated to me was to design a stylised version of the Endeavour suitable for display externally and capable of withstanding the elements for at least 12 months. The intention was that after this time they would be removed.

Pole mounting seemed to be the best method of display. Peel Street and Grey Street intersections with Gladstone Road were the proposed locations. Approval was sought and given by the city engineer H.C. Williams. He enthusiastically agreed that the euclid tyres at the base of the poles would not only provide adequate protection but also provide better traffic management.

Half full-size detailed drawings were drafted by myself. Reponsibility for the construction was given to Jack Knight, a joiner employed by building contractor Story and Lomas.

I was involved with the installation of a simplified rigging system, using the borrowed Endeavour model from the HB Williams library as a guide.

John Kibble was not involved at all in this project, but was possibly involved in subsequent repairs.

Derek Phillips

  1. Tony Pickett says:

    Derek, if they were waka they would have been up yesterday no matter what the cost.

  2. John Fricker says:

    I’m not sure what Mr Phillips’ intentions were in writing his letter. I can tell him that the Eiffel Tower was erected in 1889 with a permit for 20 years. It was to be dismantled in 1909. The London Eye was a temporary attraction with a lease of five years. Both are still standing today and are major tourist attractions. There are countless other “temporary” attractions around the world. These things grow on people and become part of a city’s culture.
    Let’s do as Mr Pickett seems to suggest; call the Endeavour models “waka” and put this council-sponsored scandal to an end pronto.