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Wave breaks over Tolaga Bay Wharf

Large swells along East Coast on Saturday.

Big swells along the East Coast on Saturday resulted in this terrific shot of a couple of young people making a run for it and another two getting a soaking when a wave broke over the end of the Tolaga Bay Wharf.

Capturing the moment was amateur photographer Steve McFlinn of Gisborne. Steve said he had been watching the waves break and warned some people he saw close to the edge.

“About two seconds before it splashed I said 'you might not want to stay there', but they did, so I took the photo.”

Mr McFlinn said he had never seen waves breaking over the end of the concrete pier. He went to Tolaga Bay/Uawa for the weekend in his motorhome and with his Nikon D3200 camera at the ready.

The amateur photographer works by day as an IT guru and has been living back in his home town for about six months after a couple of decades away. Tolaga Bay Wharf opened in 1929 and made it possible for large coastal trading ships to load and offload goods.

In recent years, the 660-metre wharf has undergone extensive restoration, allowing locals and visitors to walk the length, catch some fish and even dive off the end if the conditions are right.

Picture by Steve McFlinn

  1. Maria Viseur, Shannon says:

    Love the photo

    1. Flowers Kaiwai, Wellington says:

      Ae Maria,
      That’s home sweet home.

  2. Mere Bennison says: