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Confinement alignment

by Kai May Botton

Also expressing her way out of her bubble is Gisborne traveller Kai May Botton who is trapped in France due to the travel ban and whose poem is a meditation on life beyond the bubble.

We face confinement as we’re out of alignment. We’ve lost touch with the earth it’s cost us, shocked us, knocked us and mocked us.

Let’s recuperate and rejuvenate during this transition state. No time to abbreviate when there are lives at stake.

Whilst a new way of life arises, we must overcome the things that divide us.

Gain insight, don’t allow the fear height. When push comes to shove operate in love.

Don’t let this virus tire us. Only let it unite us. No time for divide, only time to arise.

Trust in the process, focus, on the things that matter most, it’s realignment, refinement, acquirement.

Take time to heal, to feel. Use this opportunity, to learn, to teach, to seek. Unleash the potential you’ve always reaped.

Do not resist, persist. Write a list of things you wish to accomplish.

Life may feel like a burden, the future uncertain. This virus may worsen but that won’t keep a person from learnin’, affirming, observing.

Expand, demand, take a stand. Understand the universe has a plan.