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What more important task is there?


Re: Climate activism has its perils, February 12 letter.

Yet another letter calling me out for repetitive rhetoric and accusing me of alienating people.

To Tony and all the others involved in the recent flurry of criticism here:

After over a decade of writing to this page on my environmental concerns, I am at last receiving more positive feedback than I could have ever dreamed of. Actually, it's all quite embarrassing.

As to the remark: “. . . I don't think you and all the Greta Thun(der)bergs will change anything”, I say “What more important task is there?”

“People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction . . . . How dare you.” These are Greta's words, not mine.

Tony Weatherley also challenged my “Competitive fishing a cruel blood sport” column, saying “he could recall stories of impressive fishing exploits by Jesus”. Had he read my previous letter on the subject he would have found my words “Even the Holy Bible condones dying fish by the netload in the New Testament” — and I add that the historic site of those Gospel stories, the sea of Galilee, was a land-locked freshwater lake and any fish taken back then would not have been threatened marine species.

However, there is much in Tony's piece we do agree on. He would know that, if he reads my stuff.

He might just find something useful in my next column.

Bob Hughes