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Vintage yet to start, industry uses 10th of water it used to


Re: City water supply.

I was surprised to read that the wine industry is affecting water demand, in the recent article asking us to conserve water due to current high consumption. I understood most if not all grapes are still on the vine and the majority of Gisborne vineyards do not irrigate (dry farm). Dry farming is a crucial difference Gisborne vineyards have as a wine region, and is to be celebrated. Even wineries, when they do go into vintage in a few weeks, are using one 10th of the water used in the days when Montana was at its height.

Can Ms Robertson clarify why the wine industry has been mentioned as being in full swing and affecting water demand?

Eileen Voysey

Footnote response from Gisborne District Council: During the vintage, processing wineries connected to the city supply use measurable amounts of water. The comment refers to the processing activity and not growing activity. However it is correct that the 2020 vintage has not started yet – it will in the next few weeks. Apologies for including the vintage activity water use prematurely.