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A races byo question and answer


Last year at the Poverty Bay Races our small group of superannuitants was turned away from the grandstand because we had a bottle of bubbles to enjoy with our picnic. We had done the same thing for the past two or three years; suddenly it was no longer possible, with no prior warning. We left.

We had never seen any bad behaviour in the grandstand before by anyone, young or old. One suspects the change was because the management want us to buy their alcohol. As usual, follow the money, though the very small amount we might have spent would hardly have made much of a difference.

Could the management clarify if the same prohibition will apply this year.

Disappointed Last Year

Footnote from Poverty Bay Turf Club president Rod Young:

We the committee of the turf club were aware the licencing law in place to sell and consume liquor at our last race meeting did encompass the public grandstand and the lawn area in front of the stand. One of the conditions under this licence was for alcohol to only be purchased and consumed in these areas, with a restriction on people bringing their own alcohol in.

We are pleased to advise that this year's meeting on Sunday will allow patrons to bring their BYO with them to these areas.

Look forward to your return to the Races on Sunday.