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Get rid of your own trash!


Re: Donation dumping causes a mess, January 6 story.

Some people are just downright dirty and lazy, so they have to get rid of their garbage outside the doors of charity shops. That's disgusting!!! Get rid of your own trash!

I was a volunteer for one of our charity shops and, yes, it's not a nice sight to see. Our charity shops are there to help, not be burdened with your rubbish.

Big shout out to our local charity stores and all the volunteers/staff who make good things happen. Tu meke!!!

Joslene Hihi

  1. Lara Meyer says:

    I think many of us buy way too much “stuff”. A lot of “stuff” we really don’t need, “stuff” we are told we should want, so we buy it.
    When trying to get rid of some of this “stuff”, we chuck it in landfills, recycling bins, on the side of the road, outside charity shops or in our own garages or back yards.
    I had an epiphany about 12 years ago, as a result of the GFC, that we didn’t need so much stuff.
    We have more than enough clothes, furniture and other “stuff”. We seldom chuck out anything because we don’t mindlessly consume the way we did pre the global financial crisis.
    If you want to shake off the addiction to buying “stuff” that eventually becomes unwanted by you, reduce the time you spend reading magazines – including home and garden mags. They make you “wanty”.
    Create a vege garden, fix broken stuff you already own, curate your closet, spend less time drooling over Facebook and Instagram.
    If you have to buy stuff, buy great quality and less of it.