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Club bowls news

Poverty Bay

THE McKenzie Shield Mixed 8-point Triples was well supported by 14 teams from the city clubs.

Play in the Ballance Street Village Butchery-sponsored tournament comprised four games of section play, with 10 ends and a time limit of 90 minutes.

Forecast heavy rain struck just minutes afer the conclusion of play.

Only one team emerged unbeaten.

Jan Powell, Erin Sutherland and Ray Young returned an outstanding score of 12 game points, 30 ends won and a differential of +35 to be worthy winners of the trophy presented by Poverty Bay president Jon Davies.

David Holmes, Lesley Holmes and Tam Buckingham (were runners-up on nine points and 25 ends, closely followed by Gus McCabe, Mike Harris and Barbara Gibson (of Gisborne Bowling Club) on nine points and 23 ends.

The top three teams received vouchers from the sponsor.

n The club’s junior and open triples championships for men and women were played last weekend.

Five junior teams and four teams in each of the open sections made for a full green on Saturday.

Play was a two-life system, with 12 ends or a time limit of 105 minutes.

The junior women’s winners were Kathryn Flaugere, Ngawai Turipa and Trish Leach, who had with two decisive wins over Kym Walters, Joan Gledhill and Gill Atkins.

The open women’s winners were Jan Powell, Erin Sutherland and Kathy Carroll. They retained their two lives to get a bye into the potential final, which they won 15-3 against Betty Herring, Val McGreevy and Marion Jones.

The open men’s winners were Lex Kennedy, Steve Berezowski and Dave Hooper.

They too were unbeaten and received a bye to the potential final against Jon Davies, Larry Kaloucava and Bruce Gledhill.

The match was tied 1-all after the ninth end only for Kennedy to pick up five shots on the 11th end and win 16-12.

The junior men’s competition was closely fought, with all three teams receiving byes in turn.

The final on Sunday pitted Richard Jones, Chris Valentine and Otto Louw against Tam Richardson, John Andrews and youngster Ashar McKnight.

The lead changed hands four times before Jones took the title 11-9.

President Jon Davies presented the trophies to the winning teams.


IT’S easier, it seems, to win a centre title than one at Gisborne Bowling Club.

That was certainly the case for Bowls Gisborne-East Coast mixed pairs champions Dayvinia Mills and Charlie Ure. The highly-rated pair lost their second, and last life, in the semifinal stages of their club’s mixed pairs championships on Sunday.

Taking on a field that boasted such names as Takurua, Goldsbury, McIlroy and Hawes among the 14 teams that started the title race on Saturday was always going to be a daunting task.

Add teenage talent Angela Gibson-Sam to the mix and the teams list read like a who’s who of the district’s bowling talent.

Gibson-Sam shone the brightest throughout the two days of play.

Teamed with bowling patriarch Bob McIlroy, Gibson-Sam outgunned all opposition almost to the end.

Sadly, the final, and her seventh game, was a game too far for the youngster and she and McIlroy came up short against Steve and Kay Goldsbury who, because of the vagaries of the two-life system, played one game less for their 17-14 final win.

The Goldsburys last won the title in the 2016-17 season.

Last year’s champions Arthur and Carol Hawes were the first of the five teams still in the hunt at the start of day two to exit, smashed 30-6 by a rampant McIlroy and Gibson-Sam.

Veteran Queenie Takurua and Tim Sherriff were the only pair with both lives intact at the start of play on Sunday but they fell, first to Mills and Ure, 16-14, then in one semifinal to the Goldsburys, 14-13.

In the other semi, Gibson-Sam held her good form to help eliminate centre champions Mills and Ure 21-15.

The Goldsburys will contest the centre champion of champions event later in the season, the winners of which go on to the Bowls New Zealand finals.

n THE Gisborne teams to defend the Peck and Yelverton shields in the centre’s junior interclub contest at Poverty Bay BC on Sunday are —

Peck Shield: Angela Gibson-Sam, Kay Goldsbury, Diane Oates, Barbara Gibson, Margot Willock, Adrienne Torrie and Kym Brown.

Yelverton Shield: Ashli Ferris, Tim Sherriff, Steve Ward, Dan Barr, Harry Jackson, Ron Robertson, Don Oates.

The teams will be managed by Maurice Taylor.


The wind played havoc in the club championship triples on Saturday, with bowlers feeling it was a “lottery” as to how the bowls reached the jack.

The two-life system of 15 ends or a two-hour time limit was played except in finals where there was no time limit.

Only two teams contested the women’s championships. Glenys Whiteman (skip), Marie Wright and Francie Adair (lead) took two lives off Judy Taylor (s), Cheryl Jenkins and Pat Murton, clinching the title with a 19-12 win.

The junior men featured three teams who competed over five rounds. All teams lost one life to each other.

Allan Parker (s), Frank McLoughlin and Graham Atkins were dispensed with in round 4, going down by one shot to Joe Wimutu (s), Ray Young and Kingi Stevens.

Wimutu faced Willy Murray (s), Marty Ryan and Bruce Elliott in the final.

At 13-all on the 13th end it was anyone’s game but Wimutu picked up a 4 and 3 on the final two ends to claim the crown.

There were five entries in the senior men’s championship but a no-show left Ray Taylor (s) and Richard Mann with no alternative but to default their two games.

Due to this, there were byes and defaults, and one team did not get a game until round 3.

Round 1: Alistair Macpherson (s)/Steve Jenkins/George Vaotuua defeated Murray Murton (s)/Gary Tocker/Ray Smith.

Round 2: Andy Tamanui (s)/Ropata Ruwhiu/Bill Campbell def Macpherson by one point on the time limit last end.

Round 3: Tamanui def Kevin Bright (s)/Jock Smith/Alic Brown 15-12; Murton def Macpherson 15-8.

Round 4: Bright def Tamanui 19-17. Murton had the bye.

Round 5: Murton def Bright 15-13. Tamanui had the bye.

Murton’s win put them into the final against Tamanui.

Tamanui led 13-8 on the 13th end and looked to have the title in the bag. But Murton had other ideas, picking up five on the 14th end, then two on the 15th and final end for a 15-13 victory.

Despite being in the losing triple, Campbell played outstanding lead bowls.

n Selector Ray Taylor has named his junior team for the Yelverton Shield interclub tournament. They are Graham Atkins, Frank McLoughlin, Willy Murray, Allan Parker, Marty Ryan, Joe Wimutu and Ray Young.

Tolaga Bay

Tolaga Bay ran its singles championships over the weekend.

The winners were Mick Maunder (senior men), Joanne Atkins (senior women), Anton Tashkoff (junior men) and Bessie Eyles (junior women).

Vern Marshall had to pull out due to other commitments while Murray Duncan retired in the senior men’s final because of injury.

Rain affected play on the Sunday morning but the club managed to get through all scheduled matches.

Thanks to all who took part, particularly club president Sharon Olsen, who, rather than playing, spent the weekend organising, marking matches and making sure everything ran smoothly.

There were some new juniors who played well considering it was their first tournament.

All in all, everyone had an enjoyable weekend and are looking forward to the rest of the season.

CLUB CHAMPS: Gisborne Bowling Club’s mixed pairs champions are, husband and wife Steve and Kay Goldsbury. Picture supplied
Kahutia’s senior men’s triples champions are (from left), Ray Smith, Gary Tocker and Murray Murton. Picture supplied