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Ready for Conner's new wheels

NINE year-old Conner Bright hopes to be biking to school soon.That will make him no different from hundreds of students in Gisborne — except that Conner is blind.The Bright family have gratefully received a $2000 grant from the Mazda Foundation to purchase a 2-Rider four-wheel bike.The bike seats four and the two front seats have harnesses and a safety rail.One front seat is called the pilot seat where either mum Nicola or dad Wiremu will sit.The bike costs $11,000 and the Bright family are determined to fundraise and self-fund to get the bike Conner so richly deserves.Conner’s mother, Nicola, says he can travel independently around his home and other known environments but is vulnerable in new surroundings due to his visual impairment.Conner was born with a visual impairment that results in abnormally small eyeballs and means he has no vision.This bike will ensure Conner can enjoy spending the much-needed time outdoors with his siblings.Each year the Mazda Foundation hosts three funding rounds to help Kiwis in need, having gifted over $3.6 million back to the community since its inception in 2005. CAPTION:NEW BIKE: Conner Bright testing the new 2-Rider four wheel bike he is hoping to receive soon. Pictures by Liam Clayton and suppliedPICTURES:

Conner Bright, who is blind, is hoping for a new bike, which costs $11,000. His family are fundraising to top up the $2000 grant from the Mazda Foundation.
Nine-year-old Conner Bright checks out the two-seater four-wheel bike he hopes his family will be able to buy.