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Caravan vanishes

Confused caravan owners found only a plank of wood when they went to spend the night in it on Sunday afternoon.

Someone had taken the caravan from its freedom camping site at Turihaua.

Owner Mere Bishop said despite a public post on Facebook, there had been no news at all as to its whereabouts.

“It’s vanished.

“We had just renovated the whole inside, painted it, built a bed and bought a brand new mattress for it.”

The caravan did not have a wheel lock because Mrs Bishop said they had thought another family member was going to stay there the night before, but their plans changed and they did not.

When they turned up on Sunday at 1pm, they were met with a patch of grass and the plank of wood they had used to prop up the tow bar.

“We panicked.

“We’ve been camping out there for five years and never had anything stolen.”

Mrs Bishop said the theft had been reported to police.

The caravan is a 1986 trailer Deluxe. If anyone is offered it for sale, or knows of its whereabouts they are asked to call police on the non-emergency number 105.

TAKEN FROM TURIHAUA: Owners of this 1986 trailer Deluxe caravan would like it back. It was stolen from its freedom camping spot at Turihaua Beach some time between 2pm on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday. If anyone has information please call police on 105, the non-emergency number. Picture supplied