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Wool handlers keep up standards

GISBORNE wool handlers are keeping up their skills to make sure Gisborne wool is some of the best available, after attending a training day at CP Wool in Gisborne.

CP Wool wool consultant representative and Poverty Bay A&P Show head steward Ross Buscke said the event was intended to ensure wool quality was kept up.

Mr Buscke said he had been advised that the standard of cross-bred wool coming through nationwide, excluding merino, was high.

“So, we thought we don’t want to see the standard slip, we want to keep it up in wool preparation.

“So, what we’ve done is get these samples from last week’s sale and then we’ve gone through all the wool that’s gone through our store that hasn’t been prepared up to standard and we’ve brought it here.”

Mr Buscke said the issue was due to farmers cutting down on shed hands. Many had reduced shed hands from four, down to just two.

“Wool prices haven’t helped but any wool that?s well-prepared still has a good value.”

Mr Buscke said about 50 wool handlers from shearing gangs around Gisborne attended the event.

“Most contractors are here. Our main thing is we just want quality control and to keep the standard up, so everyone is on the same wave-length.”

QUALITY CONTROL: Wool handlers Leonora Smith, Clara Taingahue, Teresa Hira, Irene Ropiha and Savanah Te Wanoa from Smith Shearing brush up on their skills at CP Wool. Picture by Paul Rickard