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Top art

An ingenious way to use milk bottle tops has been illustrated by students of St Mary’s School.

Plastic tops from milk, and other bottles, are not able to be recycled by Gisborne District Council.

Instead of being thrown into the rubbish, students brought the tops to school and the community contributed some too. They were then turned into two large pieces of art.

Big boards, re-purposed from the school’s hall, each had around 1000 milk bottle tops screwed into them to create pictures of the sea. St Mary’s teacher aide Miranda McCormack does environment work with the students.

She said they had focused on reducing plastic waste and how to re-use it instead.

So many bottle tops were collected they still have two huge containers left over.

Mrs McCormack said they would be given to a kindergarten for the children to play with.

Enjoying the milk bottle top art are (from left) St Mary’s students Ciara McGuinness, 10, Finn Slupski, 6, Willy Lovelock, 9, and Riley Murray, 10. Picture by Rebecca Grunwell