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Can you defeat the Mashinator?

A Gisborne teenager’s winning game is available for everyone to play online.

Campion College student Carlos Latu, 13, was “excited” when he found out he won a national competition with the game he made called Mashinator.

He entered the senior division, years 9 to 13, of the Interface Magazine competition for which he had to create a computer game using the platform Gamefroot.

The competition, open to all New Zealand students, challenged them to showcase their coding and design skills by creating a unique New Zealand-themed game.

The games were rated on coding skill, creativity, playability, and wow factor.

“I tried to make a mental image of what it looked like and then tried to make it a reality,” he said.

Development of the game took about a month and throughout the process he made different modifications to the original idea, he said.

“I wanted to do something with the game, I didn’t want to keep it to myself, I wanted more people to play it than just my friends and I.”

He ended up entering the competition to see what would happen.

“I was pretty excited when I found out I won because I normally don’t win competitions like this,” he said.

He won a Kaiser Baas camera and an accessory pack.

You can play the game on https://gamefroot.com/game/mashinator/

GAME ON: Carlos Latu, 13, pictured with his game Mashinator, which won a competition run by Interface Magazine. He is holding the camera he got as part of his prize. Picture by Liam Clayton